More alike than different

Max has a big sister called Amy, who is adores and will regularly call out for her when he wakes up. The feeling is mutual as she adores him after having to wait a while for a sibling as mummy’s tummy didn’t work properly (Max is a rainbow baby)

Amy has always been the one that can comfort Max the easiest and quickest, which started after his first extended stay in hospital when he decide to go on hunger strike because he wasn’t liking the quality of milk service in hospital.

But even though they adore each other they don’t always get on. Max is getting to the perfect age to wind up his big sister and she doesn’t always have the patient to torrelate her younger brother. A perfectly normal sibling relationship!

But she is his biggest fan and likes to support Max and his friends with Down Syndrome where she can.

Although Max has an extra chromosome that his big sister, they both are two peas in a pod as they both like curries, have the same sense of humour, are fiercely independent, watch Nativity! And of course like the iPads! To coin a phrase, they are more alike than different.

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