Max gets glasses

The day has come that Mummy and Daddy has been dreading, Max got glasses! To be fair we’ve known for a while that he was long sighted (He can’t see very well close to him, but no problem watching the tv!) and he’s been having check ups to see how his sight would progress.

At the last check up, despite Max’s best efforts not to comply with the eye test (which two year old does?) the optician found his eye sight hasn’t got any better and decided Max needed glasses ASAP.

Off we toddled to see Richard the Dispensing Man who told Mummy, Max qualifies for Tomato glasses. These glasses are made designed especially for people with an extra chromosome and have the bonus feature of being indestructible. This is a very important point as Max is likely to be very rough with them…. any guesses how long it will take until they are thrown down the toilet?!

Mummy spent a long time choose some very nice frames with cars on them in the hope that Max will like them. This is a bit ironic as Max probably can’t see the cars on the glasses unless he’s wearing his glasses, which means he’s unlikely to ever see the blooming cars!

We’ve been told to ease Max into wearing them. So fair he has whinged/ sounded like he is being murdered when they are put on, but then seems happy with them until he remembers he’s wearing them! For example silly mummy did just that taking this selfie and as soon as he saw himself with them, they were thrown across the table! So based on Max’s encounters with hearing aids and his reaction so far, it’s going to be a bumpy ride 🤣

In the meantime when he does wear him, we think he looks rather cute. What do you think?

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