Max the escape artist

In the lead upto Christmas Max became an escape artist whilst out shopping for his daddy’s present, which is the reason the story can only be told now!

Whilst in a local branch of Ernest Jones, like any two year old Max became restless at being stuck in the buggy, so his mummy decided to let him out so he could explore the shop. As it was early the shop was empty, Max happily crawled around looking at the different cabinets.

Mummy at this point turned her back briefly to enter her card details, just at the moment Max reached the door of the shop (the opposite end to where Mummy was). Max was excited to see the automatic doors open and decided to crawl through them into shopping centre outside!

At this point the shop assistant told Max’s mummy he had escaped and in the 30 seconds it took his mummy to run down the shop to retrieve Max, he had already made friends with a surprised elderly lady, who was baffled where Max had appeared from! Needless to say Max and mummy made a swift exist despite Max’s protests he wanted to explore some more!

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