Merry Christmas love Max

Well Max’s first Christmas he’s been aware of has passed uneventful- which his mummy and daddy can now breath a sigh of relief, as for the last two years he’s either been in nicu after being born 4 days earlier and then deciding to go on hunger strike, or last year he was in the early stages of rhino virus and the infamous super snot which left him in hospital for 5 days on oxygen.

So this year we were determined to have a few days of fun, which Max certainly did! First he visited Father Christmas at Legoland, which for any parent of a two year old you never knows how it’s going to go meeting the big man for the first time. Luckily Max wasn’t phased. Although he did get bored and crawled off at one point, before crawling back when he knew a present was about to be given!

He then spent the last two days at different family members houses being throughly spoilt with lots of gifts, including lots of cars! Max is already car mad and will pick playing with a car over anything else. So you can imagine he was very excited to receive a toy garage and has spent a lot of time making car noises, wheezing cars at and down the ramp.

He also likes visiting other people’s houses as there are lots of rooms to explore and mischief to get upto! So no mummy and daddy didn’t really get to relax for one moment. 😂

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