Max’s favourite person in his whole world

Meet Tizzy the cat. The first baby in the Taylor household, who arrived much earlier than our two legged small people.

Tizzy wasn’t impressed when Max’s big sister arrived and sulked for a long time. So when Max arrived we were surprised she was instantly different, sitting by his cot watching over him when he first came home from hospital.

The love is definitely a two way process, as Max adores Tizzy and gets excited when she appears. Unfortunately this has often meant he’s then decided to give her one of his trademark bear hugs or worse grabbing and holding onto her tail!

We’ve been working with Max in how to be gentle with Tizzy and stroking is the best way to show her how much he likes her. Think we’re finally making progress, with this photo taken earlier this week, when Max actually stood by Tizzy and didn’t grab her- not sure Tizzy is convinced it’s going to last!

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